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For the castle, see Redcliffe Castle.

Redcliffe Village

200 (9:30 Dragon)[1]

Sitting on the western shore of Lake Calenhad, the village of Redcliffe is so named for the reddish hues of the cliffs that tower above it. A path leads up into the hills and across a bridge to an island where the ancient Castle Redcliffe has stood far longer than the village itself.

H aoredclifa 0

Redcliffe heraldry

Background Edit

The fate of Redcliffe is the fate of all Ferelden. ―Calenhad Theirin[2]

Redcliffe is located in the western hills of Ferelden. The village below the castle (and others under Redcliffe's authority) grew until the arling was as powerful a settlement as any teyrnir. Redcliffe Castle is the first and last line of defense for the sole land route into Ferelden and the country has never fallen to any assault that did not first take Redcliffe.

Redcliffe is one of the largest and most prosperous towns in Ferelden, due to its position between Orzammar and Orlais. As such it is a center of foreign trade. Such favorable conditions caused the domain to be named an arling in spite of its small size. The citizens of Redcliffe are primarily fishermen or merchants engaged in shipping dwarven goods from Orlais.

In late autumn the villagers smoke the fish they have caught, to the dismay of visiting merchants.[2]

Witch Hunt Edit

Splr wh
“Phew! Am I bleeding? Oh look, a rip in my robe.” — Finn
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By 9:32 Dragon, the Bannorn increasingly looked to the Arl of Redcliffe for guidance and leadership. It was speculated that if this continued, Redcliffe would become a rival of Denerim.

Involvement Edit

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

Splr dao
“We now have a dog and Alistair is still the dumbest one in the party.” — Morrigan
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As the Warden approaches the village the first time, they will be greeted by Tomas, a member of the Redcliffe militia. Tomas will then take your party to Bann Teagan, Arl Eamon's brother, in the Chantry. There you discover that the village is under a siege of undead creatures spawning from Redcliffe Castle at night. Redcliffe Village is divided into two main plot quests, A Village Under Siege and The Attack at Nightfall. Once the A Village Under Siege quest is completed, night falls and the undead come down from Redcliffe Castle to terrorize the village; this begins The Attack at Nightfall.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Edit

Splr dai
“Whatever we were before, we are now the Inquisition.” — The Inquisitor
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Redcliffe is heavily affected by the Mage-Templar War with battles between apostates and templars. The castle has also been taken over by the venatori, led by Alexius.[citation needed]
Redcliffe concept art

Redcliffe concept art

Places Edit

Ico Area Map Blacksmith's Store
Ico Area Map House
Ico Area Map Redcliffe chantry
Ico Area Map Windmill
Ico Area Map General Store
Ico Area Map Tavern
Ico Area Map Kaitlyn's Home
Ico Area Map Dwyn's Home
Ico Area Map Wilhelm's Cottage

Quests Edit

Ico Quest A Missing Child
Ico Quest A Village Under Siege
Ico Quest The Arl of Redcliffe
Ico Quest Last Will and Testament
Ico Quest Lost in the Castle
Ico Quest The Attack at Nightfall

The Blackstone Irregulars Edit

Ico Quest Dereliction of Duty
Ico Quest Grease the Wheels
Ico Quest Scraping the Barrel

Chanter's Board Edit

Ico Quest Brothers and Sons
Ico Quest Caravan Down
Ico Quest Desperate Haven
Ico Quest Skin Deep

The Mages' Collective Edit

Ico Quest Justice Must Be Served/A Gift of Silence
Ico Quest Careless Accusations
Ico Quest Herbal Magic
Ico Quest The Scrolls of Banastor

Certain Interested Parties Edit

Ico Quest Correspondence Interruptus
Ico Quest Dead Drops

Characters Edit

Note: Some of these will not appear until after completing The Attack at Nightfall.

Map of the area

Notable items Edit

Rgt ico deathroot DeathrootDeathroot
A harmless enough plant on its own, deathroot's thick leaves contain an extract that the Chasind have used to induce hallucinations for centuries. Sufficiently concentrated, it can be made into a deadly poison.

Notable gifts for companions:

Ico mug of ale AleAle
A mug of watered-down ale.
, source: Lloyd's inventory
Plt ico andrastes grace Andraste's GraceAndraste's Grace
A small white wildflower, commonly known as Andraste's Grace.
for Leliana, source: can be found at the Windmill (near the tree).
Ico greatsword Sten's SwordSten's Sword
A Qunari greatsword. Though its blade shows nicks from numerous battles, it has obviously been well looked after.
for Sten, source: Chest in Redcliffe Village OR handed directly to the Warden by Dwyn.
Ico cheap wine WineWine
A flask of red wine.
, obtained for free from Bella in the tavern, after you've convinced Lloyd to help defend the village.

Codex entries Edit

Ico codex entry Codex entry: Lake Calenhad, source: 'No Swimming' sign
Ico codex entry Codex entry: Redcliffe, source: entering Redcliffe Village

Containers Edit

Special objects Edit

Note: The Chanter's Board, Blackstone Irregulars Quest Box, and Mages' Collective Bag will not appear until after the Village has been saved.

Companion remarks Edit

One of the companions may make interesting remarks at certain spots:

  • Shortly after stepping outside the chantry
    • Oghren: (belches) "Huh. Surface air."
    • Sten: "Is this where humans keep all their wisdom? Your behavior makes much more sense to me now."
    • Alistair: (sniffs) "What is that smell? Fish? And something else. Oh... more fish."
    • Wynne: "These people don't deserve what has happened to them. We must get to the bottom of this."
    • Leliana: "Walking corpses? Do you think it's something in the water?"
    • Morrigan: "Ahh, fresh air. 'Twas difficult to breathe within all that self-righteousness crowding the air."
    • Zevran: "Ah! What a lovely fishing town! You can almost smell the desperation of local gentry, no?"
    • Shale: "Are there pigeons here? I think we should look for them."
  • At the cliff's edge anywhere around the mill
    • Alistair: "Ah, it's sort of like coming home again. But with more undead."
    • Oghren: "What do you think the villagers would say to me taking a dip in the lake naked?"
    • Wynne: "Isn't it beautiful? Standing here, you wouldn't know the trouble down in the village."
    • Leliana: "Ooh, a windmill. I once took a ride on the sails of a windmill. Didn't turn out well."
    • Morrigan: "Yes, yes very lovely. Let us soak in the vista before the massacre begins."
    • Zevran: "Hmm. Anyone up for a bit of naked cliff-diving? No?"
    • Sten: "Hmph. Defensible enough spot."
    • Shale: "I wonder what it must be like to float? Or drown?"

Party banter Edit

At the following spots, companions may engage in party banter:

  • After using the secret passage to enter the castle dungeons
  • On the bridge along the cliff
  • The boardwalk near the blacksmithy

Notes Edit

  • Entering the village with Alistair will trigger a conversation about his heritage. Afterward, if you talk to him and his approval is high enough, he'll start the quest Alistair's Family.
  • Leaving the village (traveling anywhere other than the Party Camp) without completing the quests Village Under Siege and The Attack at Nightfall will result in the deaths of all the inhabitants except Bann Teagan, who will still take his part in continuing the Arl of Redcliffe quest line.
  • The first cottage on the right when you enter Redcliffe Village belongs to Wilhelm, it's inaccessible by normal means and is a remnant of the original process to acquire Shale before it was added as downloadable content.
  • There is a bug in the pcIcon pcwhich may cause fires to still be present after the quest A Village Under Siege is completed.

Gallery Edit

References Edit

  1. Dragon Age: Origins Collector's Edition: Prima Official Game Guide
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