Raze the Alienage is the third main quest in The Darkspawn Chronicles DLC for Dragon Age: Origins.

Walkthrough Edit

The Archdemon has ordered you to burn the alienage to the ground and destroy all of the citizens living there.

Burn the Vhenadahl Edit

To destroy the opening gate, either enthrall the Hurlock emissary and use his Fireball spell or use one of the 10 Fire Bombs located next to the barricade in the chest. Alternatively, the Ogre can break the gate open using Stomp or Smash.

Once the gate is destroyed, the Archdemon will give you several other points to destroy with fire as well, including the Vhenadahl tree. The emissary can use either Fireball or Flame Blast, or you can use fire bombs.

Enter the back alley behind the hospice. Here you will find three elves, including Valendrian. Kill him and loot his body for the Enchanted Dagger and Tribal Necklace (gift).

Slaughter the Elves Edit

After you blow up the second gate, several elves will enter, including Zevran. Kill him and loot his body for the Crow Dagger and Antivan Leather Boots (gift).

Rampage to the Palace Edit

Once you have set the Vhenadahl tree on fire and killed the last of the elves, you are free to enter the Palace District, beginning Assault on the Palaces.

Rewards Edit

Tre ico antivan boots Antivan Leather BootsAntivan Leather Boots
Light boots
Inscribed (Tier 6)
Requires: 18 strength

Armor: 2.00
Fatigue: 0.56%
+4% spell resistance
- Gift found on Zevran.
Ico dagger Crow DaggerCrow Dagger
Varies (Tier 1-7)
Requires: 10-30 dexterity

Damage: 4.00-6.40
Critical chance: 3.00%-4.80%
Armor penetration: 4.00-8.00
Strength modifier: 0.85
+15% critical/backstab damage
- Found on Zevran.
Ico dagger Enchanted DaggerEnchanted Dagger
Veridium (Tier 4)
Requires: 18 dexterity

Damage: 5.20
Critical chance: 3.90%
Armor penetration: 5.80
Strength modifier: 0.85
+4 attack
- Found on Valendrian.
Tre ico tribal necklace Tribal NecklaceTribal Necklace
A necklace of sun-bleached teeth and bones.
- Gift found on Valendrian.

Bugs Edit

There is a bug where the target may not catch fire, preventing you from continuing. This is caused by some mod conflicting with DLC. A workaround is to move folder <Documents>/BioWare/Dragon Age/packages/core/override somewhere, launch the game and restore the folder afterwards.[1]

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