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For Kaiten!

Ravi is the current Viscount of Kaiten in Dragon Age Legends. He is a former templar who formed a group of warriors that banded together to prevent an abomination from destroying the Free Marches city of Kaiten in a hedonistic orgy of narcissism and opulence.

Ravi is the protagonist of the Dragon Age Legends Remix.

Background Edit

Ravi is Khedra's nephew, the past Viscount who later became an abomination that threatened Kaiten and whom Ravi was forced to defeat.

During the events of Dragon Age Legends, he tasks the player, one of his most trusted allies, to save his son, Eiton whom he had with the elven blood mage, Iselle .[1]

Starting abilities Edit

Note: For a level 2 character

Starting statistics Edit

  • Attack: 45
  • Defense: 40
  • Stamina: 15
  • Agility: 32
  • Luck: 8

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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