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Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening use a unique system for distributing loot and balancing gameplay. Creatures maintain two potential inventory systems, an equipped inventory, and a dropped inventory. The former controls the appearance of the NPC's model (for example armor, weapons, etc.) whereas the latter controls the loot yielded and available to the player upon looting the NPC's corpse.

Rare Loot Explained Edit

In both games there appears to be a small, unparsed % chance of a creature/npc to drop one of more items in his equipped inventory when killed. Causing the generic dropped loot table to be dropped, along with x-item from his/her person. In many cases this results in a piece of generic armor, or a generic weapon. However, occasionally this can result in rare magic items, or even unique magic items not found anywhere else.

Notable Drops in Origins Edit

Notable Unique Items Edit

Notable Rare Magic Items Edit

Notable Drops in Awakening Edit

Notable Unique Items Edit

Notable Rare Magic Items Edit

Notes Edit

  • The % chance of possible equipped item drops is small (<10% parsed)
  • The chance the item from the inventory that you get is in fact the unique item is also low : 1/8 (8 possible inventory slots)
  • It appears as though magic inventory items will only drop from creatures of lieutenant level or above.
  • If the above system is in fact correct, then the previously accepted theory of increased drop rate in Nightmare mode (due to reduced drop rate of potions) is incorrect.
  • Drop rate across all difficulties is scarce; it is still unknown whether there is a difference between them.