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Rainesfere is a bannorn in the Arling of Redcliffe, a tiny province squeezed between the Frostback Mountains and Lake Calenhad.

Teagan Guerrin is the Bann of this bannorn[1].

Background Edit

Rainesfere was occupied during the Second Orlesian Occupation[2].

Involvement Edit

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

Dragon Age: Inquisition Edit

If the Inquisitor chose to side with the mages with the quest In Hushed Whispers, then Teagan Guerrin later asks for reparations because a freehold in Rainesfere was burned to the ground when a mage inside lost control of his abilities[3].

Trivia Edit

  • The Rolled-Up Note entry can be found in the quest codex entries, and seems to send the Warden to the bannorn, but it was never meant to be a quest as confirmed by Bioware[4]

References Edit

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