The Qunari Bench is a throne in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Reward for completing Demands of the Qun for Iron Bull.

Accessories Edit

Acquisition Edit

The accessories for the Qunari Bench are obtained by completing the war table operation Hissing Wastes Resources which provides a rare chance to obtain one throne accessory in addition to the normal crafting material / herb reward. The operation is repeatable.

Throne Accessory I Edit

  • Extra wood detail to the back of the chair

Throne Accessory II Edit

  • Incense burners on the left and right

Notes Edit

  • The sit animation for the bench is the same as for all other thrones, thus the Inquisitor, even Qunari ones, do not hunch over it the way the Arishok did here in Dragon Age II.

Gallery Edit

Qunari Bench no accessories

Bench with no accessories