The Quillback is a four-legged beaked creature found roaming the desert landscape of the Western Approach in western Orlais. Its body is burgundy in color, with feathers protruding from along the spine.

Background Edit

Those men of learning who claim dominion over the cold, weirdly angled laws of this world would deny that unutterable savagery of nature, conjuring their knowledge as a man in repose draws a blanket over himself, somnolent, to distract from cognizant mind the lethargic caliginosity of this world. Such mendacity is made manifest in the quillback.

Its hooked beak describes a smile that makes mock of the laws of man and Maker, and in the sagging folds of its rough and squamous hide lies no elegant simplicity. But look upon its dorsal ridge for the proof, if logic be your refuge, for in the ebon spines that jut uncaringly from its back, no man of learning can fail to see the cold and twisted spires of the Black City itself.

What Maker would give mock to our ebullient transgressions by marking His domicile into the flesh of this repugnant eater of flesh, this scavenger of wastes and deserts? What message can any man read in this carrion feeder's decrepit spines than that the Golden City of which we dream is Black, always Black, the swollen infection poisoned from time beyond the knowledge of our insignificant minds, awaiting only our unheeding touch to afflict us with understanding of our true place in this vast, uncaring world?

—From An Anatomie of Various Terrible Beasts, by Baron Havard-Pierre d'Amortisan

Master means that it's pointy.

—Footnote in the margins of the manuscript by the baron's scribe, Dunwich
—From Codex entry: Quillback

Location Edit

Western Approach icon (Inquisition) Western Approach

Loot Edit

Other Crafting Material Icon Alpha Quillback Spines
Creature research icon Quillback Fang
Quillback Leather icon Quillback Leather
Other Crafting Material Icon Quillback Intestine (until How to Lure a Dragon has been completed)

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Trivia Edit

In the game files, Quillback Leather is called "Buzzard Hide".