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Questioning Beliefs is an Act 3 companion quest for Anders in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

The quest becomes available at 100% friendship or rivalry after completing Justice and having completed Dissent in Act 2. If Hawke refused to help Anders, the quest is not available.

Note: If Hawke has reached 100% friendship by the end of Justice, the last conversation in Justice is skipped and the conversation in Questioning Beliefs starts automatically instead. (Confirmed on PC v1.04)

Walkthrough Edit

Hawke witnesses Anders giving away his pillow to Varric.

Rivalry path:

Hawke tries to convince Anders that whatever he planned, it is not too late to stop it. Anders agrees that there is still time, then Justice takes over and demands that Hawke leave as "Anders has no need of [him/her]". As Anders regains control, he does not remember what he was saying and admits that he is having more and more blank spots in his memory. He tells Hawke that he tried his best to control Vengeance and asks Hawke not to blame him for failing.

Friendship path:

Anders hints that he is going to die for something that matters more than his life and thanks Hawke for standing by him when he gave Hawke every reason to turn away. He says that he hoped to find a better way, but states that Justice and Vengeance are too intertwined and he can't tell one from the other. Anders asks Hawke never to blame themselves for what will happen.

Result Edit

  • If Anders is a 100% rival and this quest is completed, Anders can be subsequently persuaded to go against his own principles.

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