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The Primeval Thaig is the earliest known thaig created by the dwarves, many years before the first Blight, but it is so old that its existence has been forgotten. Dwarf history, recorded in the Memories, is said to begin with the founding of the first thaig, but the Primeval Thaig is apparently much older than even that.

The architecture is very different from other thaigs and dwarf constructions. This thaig is the only known one left entirely untouched by darkspawn. It possesses great statues and temples, and also things created by magic. Both of these things are very strange, since the dwarves worship no gods and are incapable of magic.

Background Edit

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“There are men who embrace destiny; these are the ones that change the world forever.” — Flemeth
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When Hawke and the expedition descend into the Deep Roads, they descend so far that they enter the Primeval Thaig, below the official level of the Roads. It seems that the Thaig represents an example of prehistoric dwarven culture, with temples and idols for a pantheon of dwarven deities, rather than the statues of Paragons found in all later thaigs. The thaig is overgrown by red lyrium, and a lyrium idol is found in it. Over the course of the game it is discovered that this idol summons spirits, and can be used to cast spells, even by non-mages.

Inside the Primeval Thaig, Hawke can also find a staff of strange metal that was left after the Valdasine Thaig was mysteriously abandoned by its inhabitants. The thaig is totally empty of dwarves, but is not uninhabited: it is filled with semi-mythical rock wraiths, who call themselves the profane.

If Hawke meets Nathaniel Howe in Act 3, he tells that the Grey Wardens took great interest in the Thaig and the First Warden commissioned a special expedition to learn more.
Primeval Thaig Entrance Map

Primeval Thaig Entrance Map

Primeval Thaig Interior Map

Primeval Thaig Interior Map

Quests Edit

Quest icon DA2 The Deep Roads Expedition

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Notable items Edit

Orichalcum OrichalcumOrichalcum
Crafting resource
- at the top of the stairs in the first room after reaching the abandoned thaig

Trivia Edit

  • Although Bartrand suggests that it was built before the First Blight, the Primeval Thaig has golems, which were made to fight darkspawn when the First Blight occurred.
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References Edit

  1. According to Bianca during Well, Shit

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