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The Primal phantasm is a shade encountered by the second Lyrium well deep within Amgarrak Thaig.

Involvement Edit

The Primal phantasm along with a Phantasmal warrior and a Phantasmal crossbowman is summoned during a Fade shift when the Warden-Commander attempts to pass by the second lyrium well in search of Darion during Harvest of Amgarrak.

A second Primal phantasm of Boss rank is also found by the entrance to the Amgarrak forge.

Spells Edit

Spell-Winter'sGrasp icon Winter's Grasp
Spell-ConeOfCold icon Cone of Cold
Spell-GlyphOfRepulsion icon Glyph of Repulsion
Spell-GlyphOfParalysis icon Glyph of Paralysis

Notes Edit

  • The Primal phantasm is likely one of the members of Brogan Dace's expedition who was trapped between the Fade after tampering with one of the lyrium wells scattered throughout the thaig.

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