The Divine will arrive all too soon. You must make ready.

Prepare for the Divine is a pinned action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court.

Available actions Edit


Summon the Muttering Banker
He fidgets before you, digging custard-stains from his collar with an unclipped nail.
(uses an action)
-1 Authority
The Muttering Banker


Secret, riskier methods...
Uncertain times present opportunities to the bold...
Some cards gain options to gain Trophies, Viands or Secrets when Peril, Twilight, or Rumors of Revolution reach 100.


Restart the game
Abandon your current progress and begin the game again.


Acquire luxuries to impress the Divine
The toil of the peasantry has filled your coffers. Secure a line of credit with a merchant's guild.
(Requires 100 Prosperity)
+1 Viand, -50 Prosperity, -25 Clues


Learn information to aid your dealings with the Divine
Serault is rife with rumor and blessed with keen minds.
(Requires 100 Freedom)
+1 Secret, -50 Freedom, -25 Clues


Uncover evidence of Serault's glory to impress the Divine
Serault's blood as old and as red as Val Royeaux's.
(Requires 100 Dignity)
+1 Trophy, -50 Dignity, -25 Clues