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Precise Striking is a warrior talent from the Precise Striking tree in Dragon Age: Origins.

Information Edit

  • The warrior tries to make each attack count, sacrificing -10% attack speed for +10 attack as well as +(2.5+0.5*[character level])% melee critical chance, for as long as this mode is active. Maximum melee critical chance bonus from this ability in Origins is +15%, achieved at level 25. In Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, the maximum bonus is 20%.
  • Conjuration time: 1s.

Notes Edit

  • Upkeep is in stamina.
  • The bonus to critical hit chance applies to melee weapons only; ranged critical chance is not affected.
  • As of Patch 1.04, the attack bonus appears not to be implemented.
  • Activating this ability before a string of attack talents such as Sunder Arms or Flurry will allow the user to benefit from the increased critical chance without suffering from a slowed attack speed. It can be deactivated as soon as the attack animations are finished.

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