Power is a rogue talent from the Specialist tree in Dragon Age II.

Information Edit

  • Stun chance: 3% vs. normal enemies
  • The stun effect only works on enemy mages and assassins.
  • pcIcon pcps3Icon ps3 Stacks with either precision or speed if you activate one quickly after the other. This also causes harmony to activate twice.

Upgrades Edit

Rogue power Stunning Power
Requires: Level 11
Requires: 5 points in Specialist
While Power is active, the rogue becomes even more likely to stun foes.

Upgrades Power

Stun chance: +3% vs. normal enemies

Rogue power Slashing Power
Requires: Level 9
Requires:  3 points in Specialist
The rogue's attacks become so forceful that opponents who are stunned by Power begin to bleed, suffering additional damage for a short time.

Upgrades Power
Pysical damage:

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