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Statue of Fen'Harel

Elven Pantheon

The Elven Pantheon comprises five gods and four goddesses, whom the modern Dalish at least refer to as "the Creators". The pantheoon is led by Elgar'nan the All-Father, god of fatherhood and vengeance, and Mythal the Protector, goddess of motherhood and justice.

There are also references in elven mythology to another race of gods, called "The Forgotten Ones", the enemies of the elven pantheon. It is said that Fen'Harel was the only one able to walk freely between the two groups, and they both thought of him as one of their own.

There is no proof that the elven gods actually exist, any more than that the Maker of the Chantry does. The elves' belief in their gods is a matter of faith.

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