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Poison-Making is a crafting skill that focuses primarily on mixing deadly substances that the character can apply to melee weapons, inflicting extra damage and often impairing enemy activity. Those skilled in this art can also create explosive items designed to be hurled at the enemy. As with Herbalism and Trap-Making, creating items using this skill requires a recipe and raw ingredients. All rogues start with one rank in this skill.

One poison and one coating can be applied to a weapon at any time; using either on a weapon already buffed by the same type will overwrite the corresponding buff. Both poisons and coatings stack with Flaming, Frost, or Telekinetic Weapons.

The first rank of this skill is required to use (i.e. apply or throw) any Poison or Grenade. Additionally, bows and crossbows do not benefit from poisons or coatings.

Tiers Edit

Skill-PoisonMaking icon
  • Activated
  • Range: Personal
  • Activation: 0
  • Cooldown: 0s
The character has survived the difficult learning process of making simple poisons and grenades.
Skill-ImprovedPoisonMaking icon
Improved Poison-Making
  • Upgrade
  • Requires: Level 4
The character can now create deadly second-tier poisons and grenades.
Skill-ExpertPoisonMaking icon
Expert Poison-Making
  • Upgrade
  • Requires: Level 7
The character has learned exotic new techniques for making poisons and grenades up to the third level of potency.
Skill-MasterPoisonMaking icon
Master Poison-Making
  • Upgrade
  • Requires: Level 10
The character is an elite poisoner, able to create fourth-tier poisons and grenades.

Locations for unlimited supplies Edit

The following vendors sell unlimited supplies of important poison-making ingredients.

Poisons Edit

See Poison-Making recipes for detailed information.

(Note: Each poison remains applied to a weapon for 60 seconds)

Tier One Poisons Damage per hit Effect
Deathroot Extract 1 nature 10% chance of stun for 3 seconds
Venom 1 nature 10% chance of -40 movement speed for 11 seconds
Tier Two Poisons Damage per hit Effect
Concentrated Deathroot Extract 2 nature 15% chance of stun for 4 seconds
Concentrated Venom 2 nature 15% chance of -40 movement speed for 12 seconds
Crow Poison 3 nature 10% chance of stun for 6 seconds
Tier Three Poisons Damage per hit Effect
Acidic Coating 2 nature
Adder's Kiss 3 nature 20% chance of -40 movement speed for 13 seconds
Concentrated Crow Poison 6 nature 15% chance of stun for 7 seconds
Demonic Poison 5 spirit
Flame Coating 2 fire
Fleshrot 3 nature 20% chance of stun for 5 seconds
Freezing Coating 2 frost
Magebane 5 mana drain
Shock Coating 3 electricity
Soldier's Bane 5 stamina drain
Soulrot Coating 2 spirit
Tier Four Poisons Damage per hit Effect
Concentrated Demonic Poison 10 spirit
Concentrated Magebane 10 mana drain
Concentrated Soldier's Bane 10 stamina drain
Quiet Death 10 nature 55% chance to instantly kill non-elite target at equal to or less than 20% total health

Grenades Edit

See Poison-Making recipes for detailed information.

Grenades are 'Area of Effect' weapons, so friendly fire settings apply. Note that the second tier of the Stealth talent allows a Rogue to toss grenades at will (because they count as items, and therefore do not break stealth). Grenade damage does not increase beyond its third-tier value of 78.

Damage Pier Tier Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Acid Flask 26 nature 52 nature 78 nature 78 nature
Fire Bomb 26 fire 52 fire 78 fire 78 fire
Freeze Bomb 26 frost 52 frost 78 frost 78 frost
Shock Bomb 26 electricity 52 electricity 78 electricity 78 electricity
Soulrot Bomb 26 spirit 52 spirit 78 spirit 78 spirit

Quests requiring Poison-Making Edit

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