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Pointy Dagger Grip is a common grip weapon upgrade in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

  • Random loot.

Available at the following merchants:

Can be found in the following weapons:

  • DAI-daggericon1-common Antivan BleederAntivan Bleeder
    Common Dagger
    Requires: Level 7

    Damage: 54–56
    +4% Flanking Damage Bonus
  • DAI-daggericon2-common Antivan ChopperAntivan Chopper
    Common Dagger
    Requires: Level 12

    Damage: 74–78
    +5% Critical Chance
  • DAI-daggericon1-common Assassin BladeAssassin Blade
    Common Dagger
    Requires: Level 13

    Damage: 79–82
    +9% Flanking Damage Bonus
  • DAI-daggericon2-common Carving KnifeCarving Knife
    Common Dagger
    Requires: Level 11

    Damage: 70–73
    +8% Armor Penetration
  • DAI-daggericon1-common Oblique CutterOblique Cutter
    Common Dagger
    Requires: Level 6

    Damage: 51–52
    +4% Flanking Damage Bonus
  • DAI-Unique-Dagger-Icon3 Tongue of SerpentsTongue of Serpents
    Unique Dagger
    Inscribed in dwarven runes: "I speak the tongue of serpents." Its wielder feels a gnawing hunger satisfied only by enemy blood.
    Requires: Level 10

    Damage: 82–85
    +3% Attack
    +3 Dexterity
    +8% Flanking Damage Bonus
    On hit: 5% chance to apply poison

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