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Plans for the Future is an Act 2 companion quest for Varric in Dragon Age II, where he asks about your plans in Kirkwall. He also inquires whether you've considered heading back to Ferelden.

Acquisition Edit

Received at the start of Act 2.

Walkthrough Edit

Speak to Varric in his room in The Hanged Man.

Companion Reactions Edit

Hawke's first response concerning their future plans has no effect on approval:

  • "Just taking care of my family." (Top Left)
  • "Politics I think" (Top right)
  • "I'd like to buy a business" (middle right)
  • "I want a title." (bottom right)

Hawke's second response concerning heading back to Ferelden has the following effects:

  • 'Helpful' response Friendship small Varric: friendship (+5)
  • 'Humorous' response Friendship small Varric: friendship (+5)
    Note: pcIcon pc 1.04, ps3Icon ps3 Friendship small Varric: friendship (+10)
  • 'Direct' response Rivalry small Varric: rivalry (+10)

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