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The crown will never leave House Aeducan.

Piotin Aeducan is a prominent dwarven warrior of House Aeducan in Orzammar, and first cousin to Bhelen, Trian, and the Dwarf Noble.

Background Edit

Piotin is a first cousin of Bhelen Aeducan as he is the son of King Endrin's sister and he is also second cousin of the Kenaldan Aeducan line.

A proud warrior belonging to the royal House Aeducan, he is known for his unmatchable prowess as a fighter, earning the epithet "the horns of my army" from Prince Trian. Piotin is a berserker and enjoys some renown within the Orzammar Proving, with a fan of his calling him "a force of nature". He is also known to be nearing the record of decapitations in one season within The Provings.[1] According to Lord Darvianak Vollney he doesn't always fight with the same team because if something happens to him, his team members are in deep trouble.

Involvement Edit

Piotin is fought in the last round of the Proving during A Lord's Trust: The First Task. If you support Harrowmont, it will be compulsory, but you can still partake in the Proving if you support Bhelen; either way, Piotin is your final opponent in the Proving.

If Harrowmont takes the crown and the Warden fought in his name in the Proving, attempting to initiate a conversation with Piotin in the Proving Area will cause him and his party to attack you again. After he is dispatched, his corpse will contain more than 3DAO goldpiece trans.

Strategy Edit

Piotin Aeducan HoDA

Piotin Aeducan in Heroes of Dragon Age

You will be allowed to use your entire party in this fight, or you can use Baizyl and Gwiddon if you managed to convince them to re-enter the Proving. Piotin is a boss level character accompanied by his Right Hand (lieutenant level), and two Henchmen – one melee and one armed with a crossbow. Piotin wields a two-handed axe and is capable of using the potentially devastating Final Blow technique.

Depending on your party and your level, a good strategy is leaving Piotin to be the last foe to deal with since his life and defense rating are huge, taking some time. Try killing the yellow-named first and then wipe the white-named ones. Remember to use Sleep and other negative status on him to gain some time while you kill his comrades, or else you'll have problems with his massive damage. A high level Force Field spell will take him out of the fight for a long enough time for your party to mostly finish his henchmen. Potions are a must-have for your tank if your level is low.

References Edit

  1. Mentioned by Varick.

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