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Pier Pressure is an Act 1 Gangs side quest in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

The Redwater Teeth are trying to take over the Docks at night. Killing the majority of them will reveal the location of their hideout and leader.

Walkthrough Edit

Enter the "Warehouse" in the Warehouse District of the Docks at night and defeat the gang and its leader, Leech. Afterwards, return to The Hanged Man at night and speak to A Friend for a reward.

Strategy Edit

Leech is a blood mage, with an AoE spell similar to Hemorrhage. This can easily wipe out a few members of Hawke's party if they are standing in it. He should be the first target without exception. Varric's Pinning Shot is the most immediate way to subdue him and allow your other units to run up the ramp and target him effectively. If you bring the fight against the remaining enemies to the room behind where Leech is stationed, you should be able to drop out of combat and recover when they're dead, allowing you to take out the others who will spawn on the east side of the map.

Result Edit

Hawke can now walk around the Docks at night without being ambushed by thugs.

Rewards Edit

Notes Edit

  • A Friend only appears at night, in the back room of The Hanged Man. She will continue to give out rewards each time the player clears out a band of thugs in the subsequent side quests.
  • Like all nighttime gang quests, several waves of enemies will not appear until Hawke leaves the area and then returns. Also like all other such quests, the hideout location will be revealed even if 1-2 groups of gang members have not been cleared (so as not to be rendered impossible to complete if another quest NPC is curretly blocking a group from spawning in a specific location).

Trivia Edit

  • The quest name Pier Pressure is a play on words of the common phrase peer pressure.
  • The thugs are generically named Redwater Raiders.
  • The description of the quest in the completed quests journal contains an amusing 'fact' about the Redwater Teeth.

See also Edit

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