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Piece by Piece is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The blacksmith can also improve existing armor.

Acquisition Edit

This quest is triggered after the Inquisitor has been to blacksmith Harritt and asked if he can improve the Inquisitor's equipment

Walkthrough Edit

The next objective in armor crafting is to learn how to modify the armor by using a modifying station. A class-specific upgrade item is in a crate near the weapon crafting station:

DAI-common-lightarms-icon1 Apprentice Coat ArmsApprentice Coat Arms
Common Light Arms
This upgrade can only be attached to light armors.

+3% Magic Defense
for mages,
Common-Medium-Arms-icon Scout Coat ArmsScout Coat Arms
Common Medium Arms
This upgrade can only be attached to medium armors.

+3% Ranged Defense
for rogues,
Vanguard Coat Arms Icon Defender Coat ArmsDefender Coat Arms
Common Heavy Arms
This upgrade can only be attached to heavy armors.

+3% Melee Defense
for warriors

This quest is automatically completed once the station has been used.

Rewards Edit

50 XP

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