Pick Up Pickaxes is an Act 2 secondary quest in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

After you've cleared The Bone Pit of undead and return, Jansen will complain about the poor quality of the pickaxes. He's alerted Hubert to the problem, but he has done nothing. Hawke can offer to help out.

Walkthrough Edit

Go into Lowtown during the day. You'll find a Smith next to the Armor Merchant. The quest ends when you buy the pickaxes for 15DAO goldpiece trans.

Rewards Edit

  • 1000 XP (quest completion - after you buy the pick axes - there is no need to return to either Hubert or Jansen).

Notes Edit

  • There is a dialog option to ask for a discount, but the smith replies negatively.

Bugs Edit

  • Responding to Jansen's request with "Maybe", the quest may not be added to your journal and the smith will not sell you the pickaxes. Returning to Jansen shows a quest marker above him, but he will not give you another opportunity to pick up the quest, and you will be unable to acquire it.
  • If you go to Lowtown and interact with the smith before acquiring the quest, can cause the quest to bug and the smith will never offer pick axes to sell.
  • Speaking to the Smith and selecting an option other than immediately paying his price can end the conversation leaving the quest impossible to complete. Leaving the area and returning to speak to the Smith again can sometimes fix this. This may be caused if Hawke has insufficient funds.
  • This may be fixed as of 1.03 update PC. and 1.05 PS3.