Phoenixes are large dinosaurian creatures found in inhospitable places. They are dangerous to travelers for their foul bite and aggressive nature.[1]

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Orlesians believe the phoenix to be a herald of woe, perhaps because the creatures frequent inhospitable places where sane travelers fear to tread. It may also be because they belch a sort of sulfurous gas that reeks of rotten eggs and ancient peat bog, and flocks of the beasts have a pervasive odor of death about them. Orlesians are not always so metaphorical as they like us to believe. —From In Pursuit of Knowledge: Travels of a Chantry Scholar by Brother Genitivi
—From Codex entry: Phoenix

Phoenixes are sometimes consumed, but doing so is a great risk as nearly half of their organs are poisonous enough to liquefy one's lungs.[2]

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Western Approach icon (Inquisition) Western Approach

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Creature research icon Phoenix EyePhoenix Eye
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Phoenix Scales icon Phoenix ScalesPhoenix Scales

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