For Cullen's personal quest, see Perseverance.
For the crafted version, see Perseverance Schematic.

Perseverance is a unique bow in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

In the Hissing Wastes, you can locate a being that resembles a Chantry sister wandering alone in the desert. She is found in seemingly random areas of the region. After finding and speaking to her four times, she will state, "You have found we. Take this gift. Do not falter. In the absence of light, shadows thrive." Afterward, she disappears and leaves behind some gold along with the bow.

Notes Edit

  • The chanter seems to appear most often somewhat near camp areas.
  • If she can be discovered once, a simple save and reload after each new line in the sequence will allow the player to obtain the bow without having to hunt her down in the vast area of the Hissing Wastes three more times.

Gallery Edit