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Perrin Threnhold became the Viscount of Kirkwall in 9:14 Dragon.

Background Edit

Perrin used the chains extending from "the Twins" at Kirkwall's harbour to block the Waking sea passage and charge large fees from Orlesian ships. Orlais threatened invasion, and the Divine Beatrix III, as a friend to the Orlesian emperor, used the templars to pressure Perrin. In response, in 9:21 Dragon he attempted to expel the templars from Kirkwall. His army stormed the Gallows, and Knight-Commander Guylian was arrested and executed. Templars led by Meredith Stannard retaliated by storming the Viscount's Keep. Perrin was tried and imprisoned by Grand Cleric Elthina and died from poisoning two years later.

Assessments of Perrin vary across written sources, from "a tyrant who was worse than a vicious thug" to "a man who tried to free Kirkwall from the control of other Thedas nations". Seneschal Bran also refers to him as a tyrant.

Codex entries Edit

Codex icon DA2 Codex entry: Knight-Commander Meredith
Codex icon DA2 Codex entry: Viscount Marlowe Dumar
Codex icon DA2 Codex entry: History of Kirkwall: Chapter 4

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