Perrin is a Fereldan Bann who managed to anger an Orlesian noble at a reception.

Involvement Edit

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

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for Leliana's Song.
In Leliana's Song DLC, during the quest Defeat Bann Perrin's Guards, an Orlesian noble has hired Marjolaine to humble this man. Marjolaine in turn assigns responsibility of this task to Leliana and her companions Sketch and Tug. Suspicious and assuming the worst, he immediately attacks upon seeing Leliana. Once knocked unconscious his body may be looted for a pair of interesting items. The first is a note from the chantry thanking him for his "ongoing moral integrity and generosity". The second is a highly vulgar and unwholesome set of Suspect Underthings.

Dragon Age II Edit

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for Dragon Age II.
Bann Perrin appears in the Mark of the Assassin DLC as a guest of Duke Prosper. Bann Teagan advises Hawke not to bring up the Chantry or "knickers" in front of Perrin.

Drops Edit

Plt ico knights note Note from the ChantryNote from the Chantry
Plot item
This note of commendation thanks Bann Perrin for his ongoing moral integrity and generosity. The Chantry looks forward to his next donation.
Plt ico dog muzzle Suspect UnderthingsSuspect Underthings
Plot item
This undergarment has an unwholesome lace-breached codpiece that somehow both constricts and augments. The height of vulgarity in all but the most intimate of company.

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