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The Partha - Kallak set is an item set in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. The former owner of this item set was Dailan.

Acquisition Edit

The pieces of the Partha Kallak set can be found in Kal'Hirol - Trade Quarter, next to a pile of bones. Partha is intact, but Kallak is found as Broken Sword, to be restored at an anvil by a golem, next to a lava furnace.

Notes Edit

Mana regeneration Set bonus:

  • pcIcon pc +2 mana regeneration in combat
  • ps3Icon ps3xbox360Icon xbox360 +4 mana regeneration in combat

Details Edit

Name Damage
Critical chance Armor penetration Strength modifier Runes Enhancements Notes
White Steel
Requires: 46 strength
1.00 0 +2 cunning
+15 defense
+5% chance to dodge attacks
Chance to avoid missile attacks
Absorbs damage
Looted from the remains of a dwarf called Dailan in Kal'Hirol - Trade Quarter.
White Steel
Requires: 35 strength
11.90 3.40% 4.50 1.00 0 +10% critical/backstab damage
+3 electricity damage
Acquired by repairing the Broken Sword in Kal'Hirol - Trade Quarter.
Set bonus 0.00 0.00% 0.00 0.00% 0 +2 or +4 stamina regeneration
+5 defense

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