Paralysis Explosion is a spell combination in Dragon Age: Origins.

Information Edit

Conditions/Spells: Glyph of Paralysis + Glyph of Repulsion

  • All targets within 7.5m radius are instantly paralyzed for (20 * target rank duration modifier) seconds.
  • Friendly fire is possible.
  • Both glyphs are consumed in the process.

Notes Edit

  • Glyphs must be overlapping for combination to occur (or, if a creature is affected by the Glyph of Paralysis, the Glyph of Repulsion has to touch the paralyzed creature).
  • No physical/mental resistance check is performed. A Spell resistance check is performed only when the order of casting is Paralysis and then Repulsion. Most boss-level creatures shrug off Glyphs of Paralysis, Glyphs of Repulsion, Paralysis or Mass Paralysis spells (due to high physical/mental resistances) but very few have any respectable magic resistance or use any anti-magic spells, so they will most likely be trapped by the Paralysis Explosion.
  • The effect duration is based on creature rank and game difficulty. For more information see Effects Duration Scaling.
  • Anti-Magic Ward or Glyph of Neutralization will not prevent paralysis.
  • Dispel Magic or Anti-Magic Burst will remove paralysis.

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