For the Spider/Bear Shape talent, see Overwhelm (ability).

Overwhelm is a creature ability in Dragon Age: Origins.

Information Edit

  • This talent generates an auto-hit.
  • It can fail to execute properly in some cases due to line of sight obstacles.
  • It is generally activated by the AI when the target dips to 50% or less health, as this is the default tactic for creatures with Overwhelm of any type. Notably, Shadow wolves will use this talent at target's full health.
  • It can be interrupted with abilities and spells that paralyze or knock down.

Used by Edit

Overwhelm (deepstalker)

A deepstalker leader using Overwhelm

Notes Edit

  • Overwhelm only affects humans, elves, dwarves, Qunari, hurlocks, and genlocks. All classes with Overwhelm are immune to its effect. A shapeshifted mage, Shale, and Dog are immune to Overwhelm.
  • Several enemies in a group can easily chain-Overwhelm against a solo character, which may be lethal for units with little armor, and very annoying and time consuming for highly armored characters, as openings to counterattack are few, short-lived, and far between. This threat is greatest when facing a large group of Shadow werewolves, as they can Overwhelm a defenseless party member from Stealth, evading countermeasures.