Outlaws Plague the Roads is an action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from the card Road and River.

Description Edit

The Dashing Outlaw's shameless band of malcontents aren't the only ones prowling the forest. Outcast, inbred bandit-clans claim the furthest vales, and lone outlaws devil the roads.

Dark times attract lawless men. The close forests provide them with refuge, and the roads with victims. Travelers have been accosted. Merchants robbed. Priests beaten. It must be stopped.

Available actions Edit


Finance more and better-equipped patrols
The roads are under your protection.
-1 Bag of Royals, -30 Peril


Ride against them yourself
You know where they hide. You take up your sword.
Difficulty: Derring-Do*6/4
Success: -5 Clues, -20 Peril
Failure: -20 Peril, -20 Health, -5 Clues


Do nothing, yet
You have other concerns. Perhaps more attacks will allow you to pinpoint the bandits' sanctuaries.
-10 Prosperity, +5 Clues


Ask the Dashing Outlaw to police the woods
Set one pack of wolves upon another.
-1 Favor, +20 Prosperity, +3 Authority, -40 Peril