Outlaw Councils is both a basic action card and an event in Dragon Age: The Last Court. Peril must rise over 39 before it is added to the Happenstance deck. It is also possible to reach this card from The Baron Waits Impatiently or A Meeting with the Outlaw, even before it's added to the deck.

Description Edit

Serault's bandit-clans are riven by feuds. The Black Knot hate the Shuttered Lamp, who have warred on the Blasted Oak since Serault was young. The Dead Rose and the Corpse-Dancers have been locked in a spiral of betrayal and betrothal for a decade. It seems impossible they could put their differences aside, but if they did...

"We should harry them before they have a chance to unite," counsels the Baron. "Like your mother and I did back in the Bright Summer! Time to make some songs of your own, Marquis!"

"They're no fellows of mine. I never swore their bloody oaths, and if they stop murdering each other it's bad news for both of us. Someone should teach the nasty scroats a lesson." The Dashing Outlaw looks at you, meaningfully. "By which I mean someone with soldiers and shiny armor and a great big sword. And not, for example, an improbably pretty outlaw with a negotiable attitude to legality. And an excellent hat."

The outlaws are massing west of the river. It's said they meet in the Greenvault: a clearing where the ash trees soar as tall as temple-pillars. A sacred place, where the bulk of their quarrels are set aside and the remainder are settled through ancient, bloody contests.

Available actions Edit


Lead a force to harry them
The forest is their home. The bandit-clans are honed by generations of strife and subterfuge. They'll be hard to find, harder to catch, and harder yet to kill.
Try to significantly reduce Serault's Peril.
Difficulty: Woods-wise*6/7
Success: -20 Peril
Failure: -10 Peril, -10 Prosperity, -30 Health


Place agents at the council
Pitched battle on their chosen ground? Too risky. But you can at least recruit agents among them to learn what's decided at the council.
Difficulty: Cunning*2
Success: +10 Peril, +5 Clues, +10 Prosperity
Failure: +10 Peril, +5 Clues