Oskias is a surface dwarf who is working as a smuggler for Beraht, the leader of Carta and is encountered during the Dwarf Commoner Origin.

Involvement Edit

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for Dragon Age: Origins.

Beraht tasks the Dwarf Commoner and Leske with dealing with a smuggler that is holding out on him as part of the quest Beraht's Favor. Oskias can be found in Tapster's Tavern seated at a table. When he is confronted, he attempts to bribe his way out with a nugget of lyrium, the Dwarf Commoner can:

  • Kill Oskias, which will yield some extra XP, two Lyrium nuggets and minor loot
  • Spare Oskias without any reward
  • Accept a bribe of one nugget from Oskias
  • Accept a bribe of two nuggets from Oskias (with intimidation)
If Oskias is allowed to live, Beraht learns about that from a patron who was at Tapster's at that moment, however it may be possible to be persuaded that Oskias was eventually killed, but in a less populous place.

Skills Edit

If fought, Oskias uses the following:

Talent wns shielddefense Shield Defense
Talent wns shieldpummel Shield Pummel