Orzammar Hall of Heroes is an impressive hall which is decorated with statues of several dwarven Paragons.

Background Edit

This hall is the gateway for anyone who wishes to enter or leave the city of Orzammar. Subsequently, it serves a dual purpose; foreign ambassadors will get a glimpse of not only of the dwarven living Ancestors but also to the Stone which the dwarves venerate. At the same time, all their brethren who are moving to the surface will have to leave under the heavy gaze of the Paragons at their backs.[1]

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for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

If The Warden was of Dwarf Noble Origin origin: A new statue of the second Paragon Aeducan is erected in the Hall to commemorate their deeds in vanquishing the Archdemon and ending the Fifth Blight.

If The Warden was of Dwarf Commoner Origin origin and Bhelen is King:

The statue of Paragon Brosca is erected outside the doors of the Orzammar Royal Palace instead of in the Hall of Heroes; a statement on just how much King Bhelen wishes Orzammar to venerate his new wife's family.

Quests Edit

Object-Paragon Branka

Statue of Paragon Branka

Ico Quest Seek out Steward Bandelor
Ico Quest The Key to the City

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Codex entries Edit

Ico codex entry Codex entry: The Paragons
Ico codex entry Codex entry: The Key to the City, Commission Report

Special objects Edit

Map-Orzammar Hall of Heroes

Map of the Area

Clicking any of the paragon statues will add Codex entry: The Paragons for 50 XP.

  • Statue of Paragon Branka
  • Statue of Paragon Hrildan
  • Statue of Paragon Lantena
  • Statue of Paragon Garal
  • Statue of Paragon Bemot
  • Statue of Paragon Ortan

Notes Edit

  • An old dwarven female smith with her daughter will be standing next to the statue of Paragon Branka and will have a small dialogue which reveals an aspect of the dwarven society.

References Edit

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