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Ornate Enchanted Staff is an staff in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

  • The Ornate Enchanted Staff can be looted during the quest The Deep Roads Expedition.
  • Also dropped by the Shadow Assassin when heading from the Dalish Camp to the top of Sundermount.
  • Can be looted from a locked standard chest in the Wounded Coast.

Stats Edit

Stats may vary between levels. it can be +26 mana/stamina and/or +5 mana/stamina regeneration rate. How higher the levels of Hawke, how higher the damage and magic requirement.

Value Edit

The value also varies. One version is worth
30DAO silverpiece trans 4DAO bronzepiece trans and another one
17DAO silverpiece trans 47DAO bronzepiece trans.

Damage Edit

Damage varies per version. Some do physical damage, some do cold damage. The damage rating and the damage per second are based on Hawke's current level.

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