Orlesian Silk Boots are light boots in Dragon Age II, and part of a disguise used by Malcolm Hawke to meet with Leandra one last time, during a masked ball for the visiting Orlesian Empress, before he fled Kirkwall. At the end of the night, Leandra would not hear his his goodbyes and chanced at happiness rather than face her gray prearranged future. Malcolm and Leandra ran into the night and never looked back. It is available in Dragon Age II after downloading the Mage Item Pack DLC.

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Light helmet green DA2 The Apostate's MaskThe Apostate's Mask
Light helmet
Charcoal Washed
Requires: Level 17

Armor: 123
Rune slot Rune slot
+42 mana
+3 mana/stamina regeneration
+10% fire damage
+10% cold damage
+10% electricity damage
+10% nature damage
+10% spirit damage
Light gloves green DA2 Black Silk GauntletsBlack Silk Gauntlets
Light gloves
Charcoal Washed
Requires: Level 13

Armor: 36
Rune slot
+9 mana/stamina
+4% magic resistance
Immunity to knockback
Light armor green DA2 Malcolm's BequestMalcolm's Bequest
Light chestpiece
Charcoal Washed
Requires: Level 15

Armor: 215
Rune slot Rune slot
+3 magic
+44 mana/stamina
+117 attack
Codex icon DA2 Codex entry: Malcolm's Bequest