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For the level 11 version, see Orlesian Officer Longsword Grip (Level 11).

Orlesian Officer Longsword Grip (Level 16) is a common grip weapon upgrade in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

  • Random loot.

Can be found in the following weapons:

  • Avvar Raider Sword Icon Avvar Raider SwordAvvar Raider Sword
    Common Sword
    Requires: Level 16

    Damage: 126–132
    +15% Flanking Damage Bonus
  • Caliban icon CalibanCaliban
    Unique Sword
    First wielded by Caliban, the most famous non-Pentaghast dragon hunter (he claimed to have slain the last dragon in the early Steel Age, notorious for his commoner heritage and sexual appetite. After the death of his lover, Queen Fionne Theirin, he went into self-imposed exile and, some say, trained a secret warrior order in the Frostback Mountains called the Calibanites.
    Requires: Level 20

    Damage: 195–202
    +14% Attack
    +16% Heal on Kill
    +5% extra damage for each enemy within 8 meters
  • DAI Nevarran Noble Sword Icon Nevarran Noble SwordNevarran Noble Sword
    Common Sword
    Requires: Level 17

    Damage: 134-138
    +23% Critical Damage Bonus
  • Pirate Captain Cutlass Icon Pirate Captain CutlassPirate Captain Cutlass
    Rare Sword
    Requires: Level 18

    Damage: 158-165
    +34% Flanking Damage Bonus
  • Qunari Slasher Icon Qunari SlasherQunari Slasher
    Common Sword
    Requires: Level 14

    Damage: 113–118
    +9% Attack
    On hit: gain 3 guard

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