Serault is busy with portents, today. She has always attracted the uncommon and the unnatural. Things creep into the Applewoods from the sibilant depths of the Tirashan, and the moonlit Mysteries of the Masked Andraste are still practiced here. And there's me, of course... ―the Shame of Serault

Omens is a basic action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. Not all associated actions are available every draw.

Available actions Edit


A visitation of ravens
They arrived one at a time, each hour bringing another black-winged visitor. Now, a rustling host roosts on the battlements of the Heron Tower, just above your window.
+2 Twilight
Wheeling Crows


A sudden storm
An hour ago the sky was sapphire-blue, and the sun hard and hot as baked bronze. Now, black clouds boil overhead, impaling Serault Town on silver spits of lightning.
+2 Peril
The Storm


Whispers in the woods
You feel it the next time you go hunting. An uneasiness in the woods. Swallowing silence, broken by a stirring in the leaves, though the wind is dead as a gallows-corpse.
+2 Twilight
The Whispering Woods


Your Weary Bailiff waits until you've cleared the hall before bringing the peasant forward. His brown eyes are round with fear.


Attend the rites of the Masked Andraste
(Requires 100 Twilight to unlock)
The forest is stirring, the note reads in a relaxed, cursive script. Join us in the grove beyond the thundered oak, three nights hence. The Masked Andraste will quench its hunger.
If you succeed you will lose Twilight and gain Viands.
Difficulty: Woods-wise*1
Success: -50 Twilight, +1 Viand, -25 Clues
Failure: -20 Twiilight, -50 Health