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Ogre commander is an ogre leader of darkspawn forces. It can be encountered in the Deep Roads of Vigil's Keep by the Warden-Commander.

Involvement Edit

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for Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

During It Comes From Beneath, the Warden-Commander encounters several bands of darkspawn; the last one is led by an ogre commander. The ogre is accompanied by several hurlocks, genlocks and a hurlock emissary.

When the ogre lies dead, its spirit is brought back by the Dark Theurge in the form of possessed ogre commander.

Skills Edit

Ico Grab Grab
Ico Hurl Hurl
Creature icon1 Massive Attack
Ogre Ram Ram
Creature icon1 Smash
Ogre Stomp Stomp
Note: This creature is no different than a regular ogre on boss level.

Loot Edit

Ico belt Wasp's StingWasp's Sting
The assassin known as the Wasp earned her nickname by perfecting a speedy jab.

+1 armor penetration
+6 attack
+5% critical/backstab damage

Notes Edit

  • The Ogre Commander marks the first time when an ogre is seen leading a band of darkspawn, as ogres are bred for the specific reason of being shock troopers rather than leaders.

Gallery Edit

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