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Ogre alphas are ranked above the normal Ogres. These monstrosities are no larger than their Ogre kin, but are far tougher, and may be accompanied by Shrieks.

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

Skills Edit

Loot Edit

  • Over 8DAO goldpiece trans

Dragon Age: Inquisition Edit

Locations Edit

Resistances Edit

  • Greater Spirit Resistance

Vulnerability Edit

  • None

Immunity Edit

Ogre Alpha - inquisition

An Ogre Alpha in Dragon Age: Inquisition

  • Immunity: Fear, Asleep
  • Immunity: Frozen, Paralyzed
  • Immunity: Panicked
  • Immunity: Physical Effects
  • Immunity: Slowed
  • Immunity: Burning
  • Immunity: Chilled
  • Immunity: Confused
  • Immunity: Shocked

Abilities Edit

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