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Name's Nyree. I'm yours, elf; command me.

Nyree is the title of the fourth episode of the web series Dragon Age: Redemption.

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In the world of Dragon Age, one of the most formidable types of warriors is the "reaver."
Combining intimidation & bloodletting with fierce fighting skills, this specialization commands the energy that flows through blood and bone.
Reavers revel in death and often force their enemies to cower in fear. They can even feast upon the essense of their slain foes to heal their own flesh.
In trading their humanity they gain inhuman strenght.
Pain is their primary weapon.
It is their sustenance.
They thrive on it...

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Splr dar
“Victory is in the Qun.” — Tallis
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The cave

Cairn tallis nzree cave

Left with no other option, the party begins to dig their way out, with majority of the labour falling on Josmael, as Tallis blamed him for the failure in confronting Saarebas. Cairn proceeds to interrogate Nyree whom they bound after she was trapped in the cave with them. The templar got inpatient with the mercenary and hit her, after which she teased him to hit her again, when Tallis pointed out that Nyree must be a reaver, and she will only benefit from physical abuse. Cairn decides to leave her in the cave ans as he walks away he promises to send guards to her location.

Nyree then hears the Qunari assassin and the templar discussing Saarebas's next move, coming up short. She chimes in, stating that she knows where the mage is heading. Cairn prepares her for torture, intending to cut off one of her fingers, when Tallis uses a knife to cut her binds loose instead. She pays Nyree with the gold she stole from Josmael's clan, hiring her as a mercenary, despite objections from the Dalish. Once in the party, Nyree speaks of her time in the Chantry prison where she had seen Cairn and other templars taking mages into the torture chamber. She also notes that there was a special rune placed on the door that muted the screams coming from within. Nyree then reveals that the Saarebas is heading to the elven ruins of Sundermount. The party agrees he's planning on executing a blood magic ritual involving Fina.

Rowan Way


Wilverdale in proximity to Kirkwall

Nyree claims that the cave is located a day's trip from Wilverdale, a Free Marches village located close to Rowan Way. As the three of them discuss, Josmael regrets not running away when he had the chance. He then picks something off the ground and offers to lead the party through a shorctut through Vimmark Mountains which he claims to know from his travels with his clan.

The party engages in conversation, and Nyree reveals Saarebas's plan which is to tear open The Veil, summon an army of demons and use them to defeat the oppressive Qunari in Kirkwall who abused him all his life, treating him like a weapon, keeping on a leash. His next move was to destroy the Chantry.

The inn

Rowan way inn

Inn as seen from the outside

The party decides to rest at an inn that Josmael took them to, supposedly on the way to Sundermount. As they sit down, Nyree criticises the quality of the food, referencing her parents' inn in Nevarra, saying that they'd never serve food like that. Tallis calls Nevarra "home of the dragon hunters" as Nevarra is known for its dragon-hunting families, one of which are the Pentaghasts, and Josamel asks if the legend that says all reavers have to slain a dragon is true, which is confirmed by Nyree. She states that she drank the blood of the killed dragon from its neck after its head was cut off. She also claims to have fought alongside her fellow Nevarran, Cassandra Pentaghast who was a templar at the time. As reasons for becoming a mercenary she gives that she likes scaring people to death, be it friend or foe, with a look alone. This leads Josamel to ask Tallis of her life prior to her current mission.

Redemption party surrounded 2

The party surrounded

Tallis reveals the reasons for her demotion to a labourer, namely several failed missions, with the latest one being to steal an object unnoticed from an Orlesian art collector. She found out that the noble was a slave owner and a paedophile who had four children chained in his bedroom. Being a slave in her childhood, she felt compassion for the nobleman's prisoners, and so she freed them and killed the man in most gruesome manner, failing the task of leaving unnoticed. The conversation is followed by flirting between Cairn and Tallis.

The conversation is cut short by the inn's patrons preparing to attack the party.

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  • It's possible that the Roway Way is a reference to Rowan, Maric Theirin's wife and Arl Eamon Guerrin and Teagan Guerrin's sister.
  • Nyree states that all reavers have to take part in killing a dragon, but this is not the case, as The Warden must not fight the dragon in order to be made a reaver. Instead, The Warden is made a reaver by drinking wyvern blood contained within a potion prepared by cultists, not by fighting a dragon and drinking its blood as Nyree does.
  • Cairn calls Cassandra the "Head of the Seekers", implying she's the leader of the order, but this was confirmed a mistake by David Gaider. [1]

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