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Nugs, Animals

Nugs are animals which populate the underground locations of Thedas, providing an ample supply of food for the dwarves. They are small, hairless, nearly blind creatures with pointed snouts for digging.[1] They resemble a cross between a rabbit and a pig, or an aardvark.

Background Edit

They are harmless and docile omnivores which are known to eat almost anything they find on the cavern floors, including insects, worms, and when the picking are lean, limestone and simple metals. Because of their frequent diggings in shallow pools and mud pits, the dwarves gave them the nickname of "mud splashers". Nugs can also be found in Orzammar as domesticated pet.[1]

Involvement Edit

The Warden encounters nugs in the Commons, and may chase after lost ones to help out the Nug Wrangler Boermor. Additionally, a cute nug can be procured from the Idle Dwarf in Dust Town, which can be gifted to Leliana. She will then name it Schmooples.

If the Warden has sided with the werewolves during the Nature of the Beast quest line, one of the lost nugs from Orzammar may be offered to Emissary Bulfa in the Party Camp as a snack.

Trivia Edit

  • Heroes of Dragon Age features playable nugs. The base character set includes "Nug", a common beast having the lowest starting power and health attributes in the game. The rare "Wintersend Nug" became available in the holiday-themed Wintersend pack. Six additional nug variations having considerably higher stats and special abilities became available on April 1, 2014: the "Corrupted Nug", "Mage Nug" and "Noble Nug" (rare); "Fluffy" and "Spike" (epic); and Schmooples (legendary).
  • Kirkwall declared the common nug a noxious vermin in 5:20 Exalted over fears that the animals carried the Blight. The extermination became known as the Battle of Squealing Plains. It is not spoken of in polite company.[2]
  • Nugs can be made into nug pancakes and nug-gets.[3]
  • Varen, a former Legionnaire, became a Paragon after he discovered that nugs are edible.[3]
  • King Ansgar Aeducan adored nug-seared on a hot metal plate and finished in the oven—and dressed in a cream sauce flavoured with deep mushrooms.[3]
  • If the Warden asks Sanga, proprietor of The Pearl, to "surprise me", they may wake up next to two nugs, and then fall down shortly after.

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Ico codex entry Codex entry: Traditional Dwarven Folk Songs
Nug Crusher Nug CrusherNug Crusher
Varies (Tier 5-7)
Requires: 32-38 strength

Damage: 12.60-14.40
Critical chance: 0.70%-0.80%
Armor penetration: 11.20-14.00
Strength modifier: 1.25
+4 dexterity
+100 stamina
Chance to stun
Heavy gloves green DA2 Gauntlets of the NugGauntlets of the Nug
Heavy gloves
Requires: 20 strength
14 constitution

Armor: 28
+3 armor
+2% damage resistance
Enemies drop better equipment
Amulet gold DA2 Brass Nug CharmBrass Nug Charm

+10 health
+10 mana/stamina
+2 health regeneration rate

References Edit

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