The Nox Morta is a large white bogfisher found in the Frostback Basin.

Involvement Edit

Quest icon DAI The Nox Morta

Rewards Edit

  • 247–260 Gold
Fade-Touched Craggy Skin icon Fade-Touched Craggy Skin (Veilstrike)Fade-Touched Craggy Skin (Veilstrike)

Helm-of-the-Dragon-Hunter-icon Helm of the Dragon HunterHelm of the Dragon Hunter
Unique Helmet
Requires: Level 21

Armor: 49–51
+32% Heal Bonus
+9 Willpower
(non-Qunari Inquisitors)
Arishoks Vitaar icon Vitaar of the Dragon HunterVitaar of the Dragon Hunter
Unique Vitaar
This strange Qunari face paint is created from deadly poison – fatal when applied to anyone other than a Qunari, whose unique physiology somehow not only neutralizes its effect but also allows the paint's magic to harden the flesh and provide other protections.
Requires: Level 21

Damage: 20
+5% Attack
+8% Critical Damage Bonus
+9 Strength
(Qunari Inquisitors)