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The pages of this book-memory?-warn of a terrible danger, a wolf with slavering black jaws and pits for eyes. The Evanuris-the elven gods-stand in a ring around it, as if preventing it from attacking.

"Beware the forms of Fen'Harel! The Dread Wolf comes in humble guises, a wanderer who knows much of the People and their spirits. He will offer advice that seems fair, but turns slowly to poison. Remember the price of treason, and keep in your heart the mercy of your gods."

Trivia Edit

This is one of the four texts[1] that need to be found in order to unlock a special dialogue option in the final Conversation with Solas that allows to call him out on being Fen'Harel. The other texts are:
Text ico Qunari Notes

References Edit

  1. Confirmed by Patrick Weekes in Twitter.

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