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The Golden Nug: An effervescent white seleney wine with a dash of west hill brandy and a splash of pomegranate juice. Muddled with raspberries and a sprig of Royal Elfroot.

The Hissing Drake: A bold mix of cinnamon-infused whiskey, dark Llomerryn rum, and Hirol's Lava Burst. Not for the faint of stomach. (or heart!)

Benediction: Prophet's Laurel gin served with a wedge of lime and a thimble of Golden Scythe.

The Emerald Valley: Made with a spirit distilled by Chantry sisters in Lydes from over seventy herbs and flowers. Topped by egg-white foam dusted with nutmeg.

A Night of Shame: Our sweetest Antivan port with a dash of chocolate bitters and a twist of orange. Served in a flute of chilled Serault glass.

The Randy Dowager: Rumored to have been concocted by the editor of Orlais' most scandalous periodical herself. A tall glass of abyssal peach liquor and fresh cream, garnished with sugared rose petals and served on a silk handkerchief with a scandalous rhyming couplet inked on it by the bartender.

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