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Delivered: one cabinet suitable for a lady's curiosities, if resources should be spent on such things.

Ser Morris

(Below, a comment and journal entries by Sera. Also, doodles of Sera with her tongue out.)

Eat it, Morrisss. Stuff needs a place.

- Banner. Circle. Soft.
- Lizard. (Scratched out). Rough and weird.
- Halla. Fake. Real ones stink.
- Cards. Little Worlds.
- Cup. Shit Goblet.
- Bottle. Warden. Strong.
- Bottle. Tevinter. Piss weak.
- Stupid sword. (There's a small bloodstain.)
- Silk. Bolts, not arrow-bolts. Soft! Make something!
- I think that minstrel Maryden is chatting me up. The song is creepy.

  • If Sera approves of a faithful Inquisitor:

- Religious book. It's working for Lord/Lady Inquisitor, read it (scratched out). Bored.
- Get Giselle to explain it (scratched out). Bored.
- Sit in garden and think about it (scratched out). Bored.
- Drink to Andraste.

  • If Sera approves of a non-faithful Inquisitor:

- Lord/Lady Inquisitor not-Herald of no Maker? Maybe he/she's right (scratched out).
- Get book. University shit (scratched out). Bored.
- Ask Leliana. Visions? Questions (scratched out)? Too many birds.
- Drink to Andraste.

  • If Sera and the Inquisitor talked on the roof:

- Make good cookies for Inquisitor (scratched out).
- Buy good cookies for Inquisitor (scratched out).
- Buy pie, don't throw it (scratched out).
- Cake!

  • If the Inquisitor told Sera she was interested in her:

- Use silk for her! Underpants (scratched out). Tit thing (scratched out). Scarf (scratched out).
- Silk is stupid. Get book to sew better. (scratched out).
- Silk comes out of a worm's arse! Yuck!
- That book she reads. Why's it good? Soooo long (scratched out).
- Stupid book. Didn't cry.

After completing A Woman Who Wants for Nothing:
- Got best gift.
- Made her purr.

  • If Inquisitor is a Dwarf:

- Book. Learn dwarf stuff for her. It's all small! (Sketch of Sera as a giant, <first name> laughing on her shoulder.)

  • If Inquisitor is an Elf:

- Book. Read elfy stuff for her (scratched out).
- Maybe wine?

  • If Inquisitor is a Human:

- Book. Learn Human stuff for her (scratched out). Every book is human stuff.

- Book. Learn Qunari stuff for her. It’s all–wow. (Sketch of Sera biting her bottom lip, hard.)

  • If Sera confronted the Inquisitor about her nightmares:

- Bit of her hair. Weave into bracelet with beads!
- Get beads (scratched out).
- Get book. Learn to weave (scratched out).
- Pay to get weaving done (scratched out).
- Wear it every day

After completing Here Lies the Abyss:
- Griffon. Warden. Heavy.

After completing Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts:
- Her mask. Big Head.
- His mask. Tight Face.
- De Launcet corset lacing. Snip-boing-floppity!

(A doodle of a googly-eyed face with a peculiar mousta – that's not a face!)

- Music sheets. The song from that night in Halam. I danced. She danced. We danced. (Sketch of Sera and <first name> twirling on a dance floor.)

After obtaining What Pride Had Wrought:
- Saving the world soon. Weird. I will kick Coryphy-tit in every ball he has.

After completing Doom Upon All the World:
(Scratched out)

  • If Sera and the Inquisitor are not friends:

- Saved it!
- Sera is a hero and also Lord/Lady <first name> <last name> did some things.

(A drawing of Sera staring down a high dragon while the Inquisitor claps.)

  • If Sera and the Inquisitor are friends:

- Sera and Lord/Lady <first name> <last name> Importius Fnord are big bloody heroes.

(A drawing of Sera and <first name> raising bottles while riding a high dragon that breathes flaming sharks? Also the dragon farted a cloud that looks like Corypheus.)

  • If the Inquisitor romanced Sera:

- Lady <first name> <last name> is my <nickname>.
- We're heroes. Sera and <first name> are Heroes.

(A drawing of a sunset on a roof with heads on shoulders. And arrow pointing to <first name> says "Good Cookies". Another pointing to Sera says "No Underpants")

  • If the Inquisitor did not romance Sera:

- Finally someone fun! I'll call her Widdle!

(A drawing of Sera standing back to back with Dagna. Their weapons seem improbable. And awesome.)

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