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Note: Letter Found on a Noblewoman's Corpse

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Text Edit

My Lady Vellina,

I know you're frightened, but the light in
the sky shouldn't scare you. It's the eye of
the Maker, finally coming back to take the
faithfull to the Golden City. Leave your
father's servants and come up into the
hills, away from the pointless fighting
between the templars and mages. Let me
introduce you to Speaker Anais. She'll
explain everything, and we'll be together
and happy, waiting for everything to be
right in the world.

Your Love,
Lord Berand

Note Edit

  • This note can be found southeast of the "Outskirts camp", in "Dwarfson's Pass" in the Hinterlands.
  • Reading this note starts the quest Love Waits.
    Note: It is not included in the Codex.

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