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Note: Explorers in the Temple

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Text Edit

A series of papers and notes stuffed
into a small booklet. It is stained with dried
blood and covered in dust. The most legible
entry is the last:

We’re still not certain why Lord Gretien
ran off during the night. The others think
it’s the nightmares, though they say it’s
voices that speak to them. We took a vote
and decided to continue the search for
Dirthamen's Wisdom; if we don’t, we forfeit
everything we’ve worked towards. Trying to
piece together all of Gretien’s notes won’t
be easy. All I can think is that we need to
put the relics revealed by the braziers into
these flames.

It’s all part of some elven ritual, I suppose.
The only gruesome part is all of these
desiccated organs. Lord Gretien believed
they were part of the high priest of this
temple, that we’re somehow
‘reassembling’ him. I find it unsettling that
elves would have disassembled their
high priest in the first place.

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