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This fountain was erected in commemoration of the end of the Civil War and the slaying of Corypheus by the blessed Herald of Andraste, Inquisitor <playername> Lavellan/Adaar/Cadash/Trevelyan, in the 42nd year of the Dragon Age.

"Let the song of its water be as laughter; let the cool of its stone be as memories gone."

If Briala was supported:

Dedicated by Marquise Briala, beloved friend to the throne and the peoples of Orlais, in memory of Empress Celene.

If Gaspard is sole ruler:
Dedicated by his Imperial Majesty, Emperor Gaspard, Grand Duke of Chalons and Protector of Orlais, in memory of his beloved cousin Empress Celene.

If Celene still rules as Empress:

Dedicated by her Imperial Majesty, Empress Celene, in memory of those who fell to protect and preserve the Orlesian Empire.

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