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Text Edit

See also: In Your Heart Shall Burn


The Breach is sealed, and the war between the templars and the mages is finally over. All our fear and terror is finally ending as order returns to this world. I wish you could see the people celebrating at Haven. It is everything you would have wanted when you left for the Conclave.

I will make your sacrifice a worthy one. What we do here with this fledgling Inquisition will shape all of Thedas. I will make you proud. Your flame will burn forever as a beacon of hope.

Something is happening. The ground is shaking, and the soldiers are running to the gates. Rest well at the Maker's side, my daughter. I will sing your memory again soon.


Note Edit

This text can be found in the Raw Fade in Dragon Age: Inquisition during Here Lies the Abyss near the place where you meet Justinia V for the second time. It is not included in the Codex.

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