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Text Edit

The stone calls to me. In my dreams, As i
shape it with chisel and hammer, it shapes
me in return. My flesh twists, claws and
fangs ripping forth. The light in the sky
makes the stone so much louder.

The cave in the hills has good strong stone.
I can shape it into something strong enough
to keep me safe, if i hurry.

Jenden, if you're having the dreams, go talk
to the templars. The war doesn't matter.
Their job is to help when things are too
frightening to deal with alone, and the only
reason the templars didn't find you as a
child is because your parents hid you away.

If carving helps you, here's a map to an old
cave i stumbled on a few years back. I think
it has the stone you like.

Note Edit

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