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Note: A Letter Found on a Dead Templar (My Lover's Phylactery)

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Text Edit


I don't know how this will reach you, but
with the last strength of my shaking hands,
what else could i do but write you?

Whether it be the magic of this cursed
Breach or the Maker punishing me for
abandoning my vows, the end is coming. The
terrors are with me more often than not. I
came up here to try to find some peace with
these believers, but the platitudes they
mouth are cold comfort. If my mind falls to
demons or my own darkness, I fear that even
a weakened templar will cause too much
harm. I took a draught of bitter herbs. It
will be over soon.

I wish my weakness had not stopped me from
meeting you. With your phylactery, i knew
just where you were, but the madness of
your side and mine was too great a gap.

Maker save you. Stay safe. You need no
Circle if you carry it within you.


Note Edit

  • This note can be found Southeast of "Dwarfson's Pass Camp" in the Hinterlands. Climb up on a hill to find a totem and the corpse of a templar.
  • Reading this note starts the quest My Lover's Phylactery.
    Note: It is not included in the Codex.

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